Q. When will information about the game be revealed?

The title of the game will be revealed on 4/1, and more information will be revealed in early May.

Q. When will the game come out?

Early winter of this year.

Q. The screen is dark or red or yellow.

Your graphics driver may not be good enough to play this game. Update your graphics driver and make sure you have DirectX 9.0c or higher.

Q. I found a typo.

Let us know.

Q. I can't click on the Play button in the game launcher.

Did you try installing the game with the DVD? This error occurs when your installation is not done via the install.exe file. Please uninstall your game and reinstall the game using the install.exe file in the DVD.

Q. I installed the game with my DVD, but I want to set a different install path.

Please install the game using the default path first and then move the Program Files\Nameless Full Version folder to where ever you want.

Q. I want to back-up or reuse my save and clear data.

Back-up the "Users" folder from where you installed Nameless. Or copy this folder to the new computer in which you want to continue the game with.

Q. How do I install on Mac OS with the DVD?

The DVD contains only the Windows install file. Go to the Cheritz market(http://shop.cheritz.com) and login. Go to my account and click on the Nameless Full Version link to find the Mac version download.

Q. After downloading via the launcher and clicking on the Play button, the game does not run.

This happens when the install path is different from the default path. Please check if the path to your Nameless installation contains special characters. If so, you might need to move it.

Q. Can I install this game on many computers?

You can install the game on up to two computers. Send an email to help_en@cheritz.com or post a question on Q&A for registering/unregistering computers.

Q. I would like to delete all my save & clear data.

Click on the "Forget the Name" button at the route select screen.

Q. I cannot click on play button after DVD install

Uninstall the game and run install.exe inside DVD with right-click and run as admin.

Also, please check if you have changed default path. If you would like to install the game in other directory, just move the game folder where you want after it is installed in the default path.

Q. Update does not work for DVD install

Right click -> Save this link as...

1. Download the file and overwrite inside Bin folder.
2. Run the game with right-click and run as admin.

Q. The game ran fine, but now I see only black screen and game doesn't work anymore.

This happens for certain computers when the game is not up-to-date. After re-installing, this rarely happens and even if it happens, you can recover the clear & save data.
Please delete Users folder in where the game is installed and update the game. Save & clear data will not be recovered this time. If this happens again, you can use back up clear file in Users folder when uninstalling.